Sunday, April 3, 2011

Mom and Jeremy's visit, St Pattys Day, and My Birthday

Ive been lazy about updating this recently and so now i have a lot i need to cover.. First Jeremy and my mom's visit a few weeks ago was SO NICE!! They got here on a thursday and i met up with then in Seoul on Friday and we had an awesome awesome weekend and following week together. We did a bunch of sight seeing.. Jeremy and my mom did a bunch of shopping at the Korean markets that sell all kinds of crazy stuff for real cheap had some nice meals and just really had a nice time. Jeremy and my mom came into school with me for a few days and that was great. The kids all were freaking out at meeting them and were just super excited and hilarious. One class that i had, Jeremy walked in like half way through because he was doing some work at my house, and the kids literally all started cheering and clapping and it was just too funny. It was really really really great having my family here.. it was great to show them a bit of what my life is like here and just to have some pieces of home here while i am so far away. And my school hooked it up and gave me a day and a few afternoons off while they were visiting so i got to spend more time with them. My school is pretty legit and really has been great to me.. so its good to have no complaints on that end.

The day that my fam left was St. Pattys day and there were some celebrations going on around Seoul that me and my friends went to. It was a nice spring day and real fun to be outside and celebrate with lots of other foreigners. Then, that night, we went to this all-you-can-eat, all-you-can-drink thing at this irish bar which was awesome. We got there around 630 and stayed till 1 so we all for sure got our moneys worth.

Last weekend was also my birthday! And thank you to all of people that wrote me messages and had kind wished for me. I had a really really nice time talking with friends that day and weekend which made it really special and enjoyable. So anyway, on my birthday, which was a friday, me and a bunch of friends met at this Memphis BBQ place in seoul. BBQ is really really hard to find here and the place that we went to ended up being awesome.. well definitely be back. After dinner, we went to this cool hookah bar that was around the area that i really like. AND at this place they have a bunch of drums for the guests to play around with.. and every time that i have been there i have wanted to play them soooooo badly but hadnt.. but this time me and a few of my friends jammed out on them for a while which really made me soooooooo happy! I loved playing the drums in madison and really miss the drum circles that we got involved with.. so it was great to get to play a bit over here :)

After that bar we bar hopped around and drank and hung out and it was just a nice night. It was a fun night and getting to talk as much as i did with some of the people from home made me really happy and the weekend special.

I saw MGMT last weekend which were pretty fun. And it was a buddy of mines birthday last weekend so we went to this AWESOME brazillian steak house on saturday.. that place was SOOOO good!!! These birthdays have been awesome for discovering some more great places to eat in Seoul.

And now here we are into April and i can hardly believe it. I cant believe that i am already 1/4 finished with this semester! AND the next month is going to be such a joke at work!! Next week I give an exam, so i just hang out while the kids are testing.. and the following week the kids have self study all week for their mid terms which are the following week.. and then for their midterms i dont have to do anything and get to leave school at noon!! And then its already May!! I just booked a trip to go to China may 10-15 which i am also really excited for! I am travelling by myself because no one else i know has those days off of school (again, my school pretty much hooked it up) which i know will be an interesting and exciting experience.

Overall, things are well.. i still get bored with some of the teaching and all of the time just sitting at my computer but the weather is getting nicer which is good and i am getting increasingly excited for my upcoming travels.

Thanks again to all of you who made my birthday so nice!

Hope all is well and be in touch!!

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