Thursday, June 9, 2011

Busan Bids, Riverside Festival, and Muuido

Spring has turned into summer, and time has been FLYING here in Korea! It really is starting to feel like its the home stretch.. which is crazy! Its been a great past few weeks and i wanted to update on what ive been up to.

First, the weekend after i went to Beijing i went to Busan for an ultimate Frisbee tournament. (Busan is the 2nd biggest city in Korea and is in the south and located on the water.) I had been really wanting to get to Busan for a while now and was happy to have a reason to go. Overall, it was an awesome weekend!! We played frisbee on the beach all day (which was awesome AND my team won!!), had a seafood feast for dinner one night, and bar hopped around both of the nights we were there. I really really enjoyed my weekend.. i met so many awesome people and really enjoyed spending time on the beach and the beach atmosphere of the whole city as well as checking out a new city in Korea.

The next weekend was this Riverside beer and mexican food and music festival located a few hours outside of Seoul. Me and wolfish went to check it out and had an awesome time. They were serving really good micro brews (which are super hard to come by in Korea) and tacos/quesedillas and had live music going the whole time. We didnt get there till the afternoon cause it took us forever to get to, but we ended up staying till the event finished drinking and playing cards and chilling by the water and meeting people and enjoying the music. I was really happy with my decision to make the treck out to this event!

And then last weekend we had a 3 day weekend and a big group of us went to Muuido island. This place was sooooo cool!! We stayed on this beach filled with these little huts and just relaxed and drank and ate the freshest sea food and and had bonfires at night and played a little bit of sports and music and just had a great weekend get away. The island was packed with foreigners and it was pretty much just a weekend long foreigner beach party!

That brings us to now.. all of the sudden i have 1 (ONLY ONE!!) week of real teaching left before the summer break!! next week i give an exam.. then the lone week of teaching.. then self study week.. then finals week.. then movie week.. then SEMESTER IS OVER! A month or two ago i kinda felt like i was in a rut at school and just SO bored and fed up with teaching english.. but now all of the sudden i am beginning to really get nostalgic.. about the teaching and just being in Korea in general. It is a really interesting shift in perspective..

At school, ive been passing the time by playing a lot of scrabble and chess which has been keeping me pretty entertained/busy. And im watching the HBO show Treme (set in post-katrina New Orleans) and have been reallllllllyy enjoying that as well! I definitely would recommend it to anyone looking for a new show to watch.

Anyway, all is well here and i have been staying busy and having great weekends and enjoying the summer weather. And i have REALLY been enjoying Korean food! I always enjoyed it, but recently i have become obsessed with galbi (korean bbq) and have been getting it every chance i can get and loving it!

Thanks for keeping up with this and i hope all is well wherever you are!!