Thursday, March 10, 2011

Clapton, Whiskey Live and quick update


So currently Jeremy and my mom are en route to Korea!! They are scheduled to arrive tonight at like 10 PM and are heading straight into Seoul to stay for the night.. and then I will meet up with them after school tomorrow!! Im realllllyyyy excited!!! It'll be great to show them what my life is like here and show them Seoul. Once they leave, I will make sure to write and tell about what we did.

Anywayy.. the past month or so since i got back from Hong Kong has been nice.. The weather is starting to warm up which is real nice and im getting settled back into the 'normal' work routine. Teaching this semester is going to be even easier than last semester because i have new kids and can use the same lessons that i used last semester with them. While the teaching continues to be really, really, really easy.. i am starting to get kinda sick of it. I dont mind actual teaching and the kids are good (for the most part) but doing the same lesson over and over again each week just gets so repetitive and mindless!! And i am already getting bored with all of the time i just sit on my computer between classes.. This has been and continues to be a great experience.. but i will be happy with my year here and will be glad to move onto something new once my contract is finished. Its crazy.. i pretty much have 4 months of straight teaching (maybe with a weekish break somewhere in the middle where i hope to go to China) and then mid july the semester ends and i have a few weeks off for summer break and a few weeks of 'camps', like i had in the winter, for a few hours a day and then i am outta here. Its crazy being on the count-down side opposed to the count-up side of my time here.

One of the highlights of the past few weeks here was seeing Eric Clapton. He was AMAZING! His voice sounded great and his playing sounded great and it was just a really great time. He is incredible and didnt seem to have lost anything in his increased age. I am really glad that i was able to see him live.

By far the coolest thing that has happened the past few weeks and one of actual coolest things i have ever done was Whiskey Live Seoul. Whiskey Live is a travelling whiskey taste testing event that goes all over the world and for the first time this winter, stopped in Seoul. It was hosted at the Intercontinental Hotel and was just incredible. It was a little pricey.. but sooooooo worth it! We got there, paid our entrance fee and paid some extra to get some premium tasting tickets and then hit the tastings! The event was held in the ballroom and the way it was set up was all of these different whiskey companies had booths around the ballroom.. and you just walked around and could taste all of the different brands' whiskey. The bottom level of each brand's whiskey was included in the ticket price (jonny walker red and gold label, makers mark, jamison, jack etc..) and then the premium whiskey cost a one or a few premium tickets. AND at the event they were serving unlimited Guinness!!! Which is my favorite!!! As well as other cocktails which i wasnt really interested in.. So, me and a few buddies spend the afternoon (from about 2-7pm) walking around and sampling all of the different brands and drinkings tons of guinness. We started off, while we were still pretty sober, sampling the nice ones and using our premium tickets. We sampled this one whiskey, which was AMAZING, that retails for over 1500 USD a bottle!!! It was really really awesome. And then, after we used all of our premium tickets and had tasted the ones we really wanted to.. we just went around the room booth by booth getting samples of everything!! I can not say enough how awesome this thing was.. one of the coolest things i have ever done.

Well that about wraps it up.. overall things are good and im looking forward to a nice week with my family. Thanks for reading and I hope everything is good at home!!

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